Phase II ESA

If the Phase I ESA identifies potential hazardous substances, a Phase II ESA is usually conducted to confirm the presence or extent of contamination. Phase II ESAs involve the collection and analysis of air, soil, groundwater, and/or site building materials to assess the presence and extent of hazardous chemicals that are suspected or have been identified during the Phase I assessment. The purpose of this investigation is to obtain a better understanding of the potential environmental liabilities for the property and the financial impacts of such liabilities.  Some hazardous materials identified at a property may be effectively maintained in place under the provisions of an Operations and Maintenance Plan (O&M). To accomplish this, EDI provides the following services:

  • Phase II Sampling and Subsurface Investigations
  • Soil Vapor Survey
  • Radon Survey
  • Comprehensive/Limited Asbestos Survey
  • Comprehensive/Limited Lead-Based Paint Survey
  • Operations & Maintenance Plans (Asbestos/Lead-Based Paint) 

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