Transaction Screen Assessment

Completion of the Transaction Screen Process in accordance with ASTM 1528 standards may allow the user to conclude that no further inquiry is needed to assess the environmental conditions of the property.  This will allow the user to invoke the innocent landowner defense without performing a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment.  Completion of the Transaction screen process concludes that (1) no further inquiry into recognized environmental conditions of the property is needed for purposes of appropriate inquiry, or (2) further inquiry is needed to assess recognized environmental conditions appropriately for purposes of appropriate inquiry.  Transaction Screens include the following tasks:

  • Site reconnaissance
  • Limited historical search (Sanborn or Fire Department)
  • Limited database search
  • Owner/occupant questionnaire
  • Report 

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New Team Member Joins EDI Consultants, Inc.

We are excited to announce the hiring of  Moorea Henn, Environmental Scientist, at EDI Consutlants, Inc.  A recent graduate of UCLA, her  knowledge and expertise in GIS, environmental data managment and evaluation makes her an excellent addition to our team.

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