At EDI Consultants (EDI), we strive to be the industry leader in environmental consulting and engineering services by dedicating ourselves to Quality, Speed and Price. EDI's mission is simple: we listen to our Clients' needs and exceed their expectations. That means understanding their issues, being responsive, communicating well and putting our experience and expertise to work. This results in jobs being done smoothly, on time and within budget.


Our services are used by lenders, developers, corporations, universities, and organizations around the nation. Click on the link below to view a partial listing of our existing clients that we have provided our services for over the years.


Our company offers a diverse list of capabilities because of our vast corporate networking. Listed below is a list of primary services we offer our clients:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) 
  • Phase II ESA
  • Transaction Screen Assessment 
  • Property Condition Assessment
  • Probable Maximum Loss (PML)
  • Geophysics

EDI Consultants, Inc.

EDI Consultants, Inc. (EDI) is a full-service professional environmental and engineering consulting firm. Headquartered in Torrance, California, EDI employs and has partnered with approximately 100 professional associates nationwide. Initially founded in 2002 as EnviroDetics solely as an environmental consulting firm, EDI’s response to its clients’ needs led to a natural progression for the company to widen its scope of services. As a result, EDI now provides comprehensive consulting in areas including Property Condition Assessments, Structural Evaluations and Geophysics. EDI’s diversification of complementing service areas has made EDI the one and only call its clients ever need to make for comprehensive real estate due diligence and  environmental engineering consulting.


EDI's highly qualified staff comes from a variety of educational backgrounds and disciplines and includes licensed professional engineers (PE), licensed professional geologists (PG), Certified Hazardous Materials Managers (CHMM), Registered Environmental Property Assessors (REPA),  Nevada Certified Environmental Managers (CEM), environmental scientists and  Certified Industrial Hygienists (CIH). EDI’s professionals provide services to the banking, construction development and legal industries throughout the nation. They have the experience and training required to provide cost-effective, result-oriented consulting services.


EDI is founded on several characteristics including: high-quality, multi-disciplinary, responsive, reputable, and cost-effective. These services are provided with an aggressive, responsive philosophy to meet specific client needs in a timely manner. The results have been satisfied clients, repeat business, and excellent references.

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